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A Japanese restaurant kitchen

Kitchen Fan Cleaning in Essex

Essex Extraction Ltd, the trusted name in Essex, specialising in revitalising these essential fans, ensuring optimal airflow, enhanced safety, and impeccable hygiene. Contact us for a free quote today.

Commercial Kitchen Fan Cleaning Services in Essex

Our roots in the catering industry give us an edge. We don't just clean; we understand the dynamics of commercial kitchens, the essence of health standards, and the paramount importance of hygiene.

Over time, kitchen fans accumulate grease and debris, hindering performance and posing potential fire hazards. Our meticulous cleaning approach guarantees a fan that not only operates smoothly but adheres to all safety regulations.

Check our work in our gallery below to prove our quality of work.

Get A Free Quote Today 

At Essex Extraction Ltd, we recognise that a clean kitchen fan is pivotal for a bustling commercial kitchen. Entrust us with the heart of your kitchen's ventilation, and we'll ensure it functions at its best, supporting your culinary ventures every step of the way. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the gold standard of kitchen fan cleaning!

Call us on: 07549 165710
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